Automobility! — I finally got

Automobility! — I finally got a car! I can stay out on weekends after the Metro stops running! I can LEAVE WASHINGTON! It's a cute vehicle, a 1996 Honda Civic EX in lovely shape with just 43,000 miles. So I'm jazzed. But I need your help. I like to forge a personal relationship with my cars. My last, a red 1988 Escort GT, which gave up the ghost in the middle of Manhattan in August 2001, was dubbed Mephisto by my Goethe-loving German freundin. The Civic needs a name! So I propose a little contest: suggest a name for the Civic in the comments box, and if I pick your entry, I'll give you either a kiss, a ride in the newly christened conveyance, or a dollar — your choice!
A sleek little black creature, it looks almost exactly like this: