James Watson — Iconoclastic Randian

James Watson — Iconoclastic Randian Hero of Science who also, as it happens, likes to get laid. I quite like the fact that he pisses people off. And he's often right on, for instance:
“You know, the only people who say that stupid people don't exist are people who are not stupid. We know that if we go to homeless people there is an underclass with a very strong mental disease component. Those people can't pull themselves together, the brain just won't allow it. So it is not that they are weak in character, they are seriously unequal,” Watson says. “People in first-class universities may have brains that work more efficiently than people who aren't there and if you could help someone, wouldn't that be nice?”
And this is priceless, and as true as truth gets:
“The book of the DNA sequence would in time be regarded as more relevant to human life than the Bible. It tells us who we are,” he says, adding without a hint of irony: “I've never read the Bible, so I'm not sure I've missed much.”
[from A & L Daily]