Disgusting and Vile

The American soldier who tried to kill his colleagues with a grenade looks to be Muslim. So this dipshit (shame on Instapundit for linking with apparent approval to this post) writes:

I’m angry right now, and I may regret these words. But, I think it is entirely reasonable for Americans to suspect the loyalty of American Muslims. There is substantial evidence that their allegiances lie not with their country, but with their god.


What has this disgusting, vile faith wrought?

I’m no fan of faith in general, but it doesn’t stike me that’s there’s anything uniquely vile and disgusting about Islam, as such. It’s the interpretation and the ideology built up around it (see below, for instance) that ratchets up the disgusting and vile rating. How many Muslims are there in the American military who have NOT tried to kill their confreres? All of them but one. (And what kind of poor excuse of a faith doesn’t trump allegience to the state, anyway?)

Get a grip, man. I hope you do regret your words. There are, indeed, ugly Americans.