Liberation Forthcoming

— After 4 1/2 years in College Park, a few of them simply dismal, I’m moving to the city! Where? Here. Five minutes or so on foot from Black Cat, 9:30, Velvet Lounge, Kingpin, Bohemian Caverns, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Cake Love, Saint Ex, etc., etc. I am exceedingly enthusiastic, reflecting my pent up disenchantment with residence in the quasi-urban environs of PG County. I will be exchanging gay men for girls roommate-wise, which, I hope, will enable my life to maintain a good level of awkward but warm sit-comicity. It’ll happen early next month I reckon, and there will be a party sometime after. You may or may not be invited.

[Update: And of course I’ll be just a hop, skip, and a jump from Adams Morgan, where I am now, blogging from Tryst, writing about the Rawlsian “sense of justice,” listening to my new CDs from DCCD (White Stripes, Elephant, and Pedro the Lion, Control), watching little girls on the sidewalk doing some unbelievably complex patty cake hand slapping routine while waiting for their parents. How the hell do they do that? Oh and there go some church hats! I love church hats. College Park can eat me.]