Liberty Island!

— This is a hilarious article. It’s about libertarian disenchantment with the republicans. But the funny thing is the small-worldness of it, given that every libertarian in the article, other than the Gene Berkman dude, is more or less part of the same social network. Now, I work with Alina at IHS. Alina and Radley are well acquainted. I live where I do because of social connections through Julian. Julian slept on my couch when he moved here, and then moved into Gene Healy’s basement. And I’ve slept on Gene’s floor, now that I think of it. And Gene’s girlfriend writes on Radley’s blog. I don’t know Jim as well, but I know him! I chatted with David Boaz JUST HOURS AGO. And the author of the article, Shachtman, admits to having gone to Georgetown with Healy. So, I think we can conclude that he really busted his hump to get at all those diverse libertarian opinions. You know, from people with unique circumstances and points of view, who’ve never been in each others houses, who don’t read every word the others write, and who don’t get their opinions from each other. If all libertarians are blogging, Dean-leaning, Washington, DC libertarians, who at one point or another were Koch Fellows and/or have worked at the Cato Institute, then that might really throw a wrench in an election. Way to dig, Noah!

[Hello there Instapundit & Virginia P. readers! I love you all.]