Nuclear Meltdown

— Charlotte Hays, on the new IWF blog, wonders whether killer moms are a consequence of the erosion of family values. Listen:
With regard to Amanda Hamm, the latest mother to drown her children, the network news last night made a lot of the point that mothers who kill their children are more common than we think. But isn’t it really *moms who have boyfriends* who kill their children? In the case of the deaths of Hamm’s three children, aged 23 months to six, boyfriend Maurice Lagrone Jr. has also been charged. They are eligible for the death penalty if convicted. I hate to say it, but: Couldn’t the spate of killer moms have something to do with the dissolution of the two-parent family?
Well, nice. First, is a spate really a spate, or did the press just happen on several provocative stories? And is a spate a trend? Are MORE kids being killed by their moms now than under other family arrangements? Are more kids killed in Western two-parent households than in EVEN MORE TRADITIONAL extended families? (It's always interesting to note when one commences standing athwart history…]
Anyway, WHO CARES! Anything to keep the damn fags from getting hitched!!!
[Tip to Yglesias.]