I Hate Giant

I encourage everyone not to patronize the Giant Foods at 9th and O St NW. It is a horrible establishment.
nogiant.JPGI don't believe I've ever waited less than five minutes in line. I have waited more than twenty on several occasions. The ratio of surly to pleasant among the cashiers is about 15 to 1. And they labor with the swiftness of the heavily sedated. Sure, it's cheaper than my other local grocery, Whole Foods (libertarian-owned, I'm told), but I think I may be willing to add $10 to each bill in order to save myself the aggravation of standing in line while the check-out lady makes yet another historic attempt to break all known records in lethargy (while the manager, a creature rarely seen, camps in the fetid back room listening to “The Rest of the Story” on Paul Harvey News and Comment.) Whole Foods is often packed, yet I rarely wait more than five minutes. Did I mention that Giant is ugly, and that the produce is bad.
You know, Giant has been petitioning Montgomery County against allowing the construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Wegman's, pathetically citing concern for the “environmental impact” of these stores. Well, I suppose the impact on Giant's environment is that they will be unable to compete with well-managed businesses that offer better value to their customers. May the big boxes crush the complacent, mediocre, rent-seeking incumbent!