Back in Amerikkka

I’ve returned from Canadia. Cato U was a great time, and it seems that my talk was well-received. Quebec City is incredibly quaint. I found the Quebecois rather sweet, defying expectations.

I met a lot of great folks at the seminar, but I think my favorite new acquaintance may be Monte Solberg, a Conservative Party MP from Alberta, who, besides giving a very rousing talk (“Long live a free Canda!”), bought a poor semi-employed quasi-grad student a few beers. A man I’d feel good voting for! Take heed Medicine Hat.

The main news in Canada was, well, the American election. The CBC coverage was amusing, a bit like a CNN who had heard of Republicans in rather the way Margaret Mead readers have heard of Samoans. Being Canadian, the newscasters were clearly putting in a solid effort at fairness, but, being Canadian, they seemed to be simply baffled and amazed by the fact that Bush could very well win again. Well, we’ll see.