OK. So I'm Drunk Now

Apparently I wan't vigilant enough to prevent blog piracy. Mss Balsham and Stefanescu are curs. It looks like Bush won, which is sad. The lesson I draw is that if you are stupid, you can get ahead by being sufficiently resolute and confident. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON. I will never ever ever ever admit that I've made a mistake, and I will sneer, and I will be conifdent and RESOLUTE, because confidence and resoluteness makes you the President of everybody.
Oh! It's Ana Marie on NBC! I'm drunk, like I said, so she's hotter than usual, but she's not drunk, so I feel really sorry for her. Joe Trippi is not hotter than usual. He is also not drunk. Guy fom Powerline is not cuter than usual, although I have never seen him looking usual. He is also not drunk. And he is probably a Republican. So he is happy. But I still feel pretty sorry for him.
There is sadness and sleeping here on 23rd or 24th St, or wherever I am. The TV is big. There is sad champagne, sad because it is not toasted with happiness. But I am happy to drink champagne, and Hardcore Hard Cider. Michael Badnarik did not win. So I am sad no matter what and not happy no matter what.
There is no good reason for the right to hold ranks behind Bush, so may the right-wing civil war commence NOW!

2 thoughts on “OK. So I'm Drunk Now”

  1. Frankly, “liberaltarianism” and “progressive fusionism” don’t really amount to much beyond what Hayek, Friedman, and Buchanan thought anyway. So the fusionism here isn’t really a fusion of anything. It’s just seeing our way back to a pre-existing economically literate political liberalism.
    I agree that these aren’t new concepts, but I also think that sometimes new words, new labels are helpful for breaking free from ones whose common usage has shifted.
    To this end, a few of us who self-identify as “liberaltarians” are starting an open, group blog over at http://www.liberaltarian.net — still in the very early stages of figuring out what to do with it, but if you’re interested in contributing via posts, comments, or even reposting what you’ve written here, we’d love to have you as part of the discussion.

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