Close: Good Enough for Horshoes, Hand Grenades, and Blog Fundraisers!

I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath to learn the the results of The Fly Bottle Cash-for-Content SuperNovember Fundraising Drive! The results are: close enough! I raised something around $230, which was a decisive factor in making this months rent (this kind of scrambling shouldn't be necessary in the coming months, so don't worry, I won't keep asking), and it's a nice affirmation. You like me, you [cough] really like me. So let SuperNovember commence!
Now, if you gave me money as part of some perverse bet that I wouldn't in fact be able to raise $250, then I will happily give you a refund. But if you gave to do your part in the compassionate libertarian fight against homeless libertarian intellectuals, and to get three or more thinkadelic posts per day throughout November, then you will get your wish. The dream is a reality my friends.
Poems are forthcoming. I'm low on verbs, unfortunately, but the shipment of should arrive over the weekend.