We Don't Need No Stinkin' Baseball

MLB's extortion efforts seem to be falling apart here in the district! Jim Henley is your go-to man for reliable libertarian baseball analysis. Here. Here. Here.
For Carol Schwartz fans, here this tidbit from the NYT:

“I can just picture the baseball owners high-fiving each other until they collapsed from exhaustion” after reaching their deal with Mr. Williams, said Councilwoman Carol Schwartz.

Well, you showed 'em Carol. Good work.
I admit it: I will be pretty disappointed if baseball stays away. But if it's a choice between successful extortion or baseball staying away, that's easy.
[UPDATE: A very reasonable column from Jim Caple at ESPN. I'm truly disgusted by the way sports journos and radio guys insist on doing their macho routine 24/7 and then go into a spurned welfare queen hissy when the subsidies for their adolescent hobbies don't come through. It's a really, really sad example of concentrated benefits/diffuse cost logic. So good for you Jim Caple!]