Moving Sale!

I'm having a moving sale tomorrow. You should come an take my stuff away and possibly give me money. Here's the Craigslist notice:
HEY STUDENTS! YOUNG PROFESSIONALS! Lots of good stuff at bargain basement prices! No non-crazy offer refused! Everything must go. Come early for the good stuff. Come late for the free stuff.
934 Westminster St NW (off 9th or 10th Streets, between S & T Streets NW)
Saturday, Aug. 27
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Fabulous items include:
* Mini fridge
* Full size file cabinet
* Complete set of patio furniture
* Nice-looking wood/metal futon
* Two TVs
* Two VCRs
* An adaptor box for hooking a DVD player/Xbox sort of thing to an old TV (worth more than the old TVs)
* Nice pots and pans
* Miscellaneous kitchen utensils
* Quirky antique wooden folding chairs
* Free books – literature and philosophy, mostly
* Arbitrary stuffed animals
* Portable wheeled clothes rack with breathable hanging storage bag (perfect for hanging stuff in a basement)
* Computer scanner
* ink jet printer
* Two computer monitors (15″ & 17″)
* Two defunct but surely geek fixable Windows machines
* Much much more!!!

3 thoughts on “Moving Sale!”

  1. Great piece. I knew something was freaky about the Michelle Obama article — the affected domesticity, the single-minded calorie focus, the idea that personal food choices are a patriotic duty — but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and Kerry nailed it.
    Good for your son. He sounds like a smart kid.

  2. Great to see that Kerry will share her wisdom over at the XX Factor. Having the First Lady give us domestic blow-by-blows is a further attempt to Oprah-ize of our daily lives, this time via the White House. Sadly, millions will hang on every word (just as they would follow Michelle if she Twittered about this crap).
    Someone! Please make it stop!

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