Brangelina of the A.F.F. Set!

This is just too flattering to resist sharing. R.J. Lehmann, listing “the top five new persons, places or things I was introduced to in the last 12 months that combined to make 2005, all in all, a very good year,” puts Joanna & I, as a unit, at #2.

2. Willana — Or, if you prefer, Robkinson. Individually, they're Wilko and J-Ro. Together, they're the ultimate D.C. libertarian power couple, the Brangelina of the A.F.F. set. But as if being Triple-Bs (that's “brilliant beautiful bloggers”) weren't enough, prophecy foretells they shall one day conceive the annointed one, and unto him shall the gathering of radical individualists be. And he shalt smite the state, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink. And he shall be really, really ridiculously good-looking. And men shall call him…the Anti-Marx!

Of course, “the Brangelina of the AFF set” is sort of like “the Stephen Hawking of the Appalachians,” but we really like the idea anyway. Also, this reminds me that I've been meaning to write about the demographic strategy for libertarians. And Ray I think just won himself a dinner invitation to casa Willana.

7 thoughts on “Brangelina of the A.F.F. Set!”

  1. Very good information. I wonder how this drills down to greentech and it professionals. These two sectors are, imo, where the future must lie for our economy. Are the innovators and entrepreneurs in these sectors more liberal or more conservative?

    1. The future? You mean like ethanol was supposed to be? It is time that people figured out that government bureaucrats and politicians are incapable of driving innovation and allocating resources. Let the market figure out who should get capital and who shouldn’t.

  2. There is no real internal conflict within the Republican party. There is simply a ton of wishful thinking within Liberal media–hoping that if they talk about it enough, then it will become reality.
    Sounds kind of like Obama’s “Change” doctrine–no substance, but if you repeat it long enough, people will begin to believe it.

  3. Yep I’m sure doctors will remain solidly democrap when they become part of the democrap DMV Health (or is that Hellth) Care system.
    You get what you pay for and the professional class paid for Mr. Obama and his policies have already gutted their retirement funds and the rest of his policies will gut their professional career choices and freedom. Well done, best and brightest.

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