Hello from Liam James

Greetings. Thanks to Will for inviting me to comment on his blog. I believe this was an unwise choice on Will's part, since open disputation is more often confusing than clarifying, and I can't see his position looking better afterward. But that's Will. A condition of my participation here is that I am assigned topics that I know will be of interest to readers. I cannot quite grasp the blogger's motivation to assail strangers with their predilictions and stray thoughts, so I'll stick to doing requests. Since Will is so often ridiculously wrong, demand should be high.
My assigned topic is:

Equality of opportunity is the central principle of distributive justice.

Did you think I was going explain why right now? Well, I won't; sorry. I'm busy today arguing with Will offline about positional externalities, which he bullheadedly refuses to comprehend. But soon.

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