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Once again, The Onion has the scoop

Political Scientists Discover New Form Of Government

October 30, 2007 | Issue 43•44

WASHINGTON, DC—Political scientists at the Cato Institute announced Monday that they have inadvertently synthesized a previously theoretical form of government known as megalocracy.

“We were attempting to recreate a military junta in a controlled diplomatic setting, and we applied too much external pressure,” said head researcher Dr. Adam Stogsdill, a leading expert in highly reactionary ruling systems. “The resultant government has the ruthless qualities of a dictatorship combined with the class solidarity of a plutocracy—it’s quite a remarkable find.”

Stogsdill explained that megalocracy is extremely unstable and can only exist in idealistic conditions for a few minutes before collapsing into anarchy.

Stogsdill is an underrated innovator. He was, by the way, demonstrating what happens when grandiosely interventionist foreign policy attempts to prop up puppet regimes. For my part, last week I had a functioning Rawlsekianism going strong inside a Mount Rushmore snow globe.