To the Slow and Steady and Smartest Goes the Race

So, this is going around:

I have to say this makes me feel pretty swell as an art major with a grad degree in philosophy. But money doesn’t make you happy, guys!

Of course, this is just starting salary. And it is well known among people who go to grad school in philosophy that would-be philosophers destroy all others in the verbal and analytic sections and only lag the math-heavy disciplines in quant. Philosophy majors frankly embarrass economics majors when it comes to the LSAT, I’m sorry to report. And since we all know that there are rising economic rewards to brainpower and facility with abstraction, these philosophy majors will soon enough get their just financial desserts. You know how much philosophy majors pull in their first year as junior associates? A lot! So don’t hesitate to major in philosophy on account of this silly chart, young uns. You can always ruin your life by becoming a lawyer.

To my fellow art majors… stay strong.