Tales of the Morally Backward

Although I know some people really do think there is no moral distinction between central banking and chattel slavery, or that John C. Calhoun was superior to Milton Friedman as an advocate for human liberation, I cannot help feeling flabbergasted when they emerge in the light of day and actually unleash these opinions without a hint of shame. From my comments:

… slavery was eventually abolished, but the central bank is still arouond and it has made slaves of us all. There is no difference, in fact, the bank is worse because it is slowly bleeding the country to death and no one is seriously talking about getting rid of it.

I prefer to believe this kind of thing is malicious trolling, but I’ve seen enough of this to not suspect the worst. It shouldn’t need saying, but here’s 2000 words:

A Victim of Inflation?

I suppose the gold standard was a real consolation.