An Experiment

On my sidebar to the right, there is a sort of cloud/list thing under “Popular Searches.” I take it that the fact that people who search this blog have been searching for “Naomi Klein” more than anything else, indicates more current interest in what I have to say about Naomi Klein than about other topics. So, here’s an experiment. For the next few weeks, I will write a blog post on the topic of each of my top three “Popular Searches.” I think I’ll put a limit on repeats to three. So if “Mormon” is in the top three for three weeks in a row, I will write a post about “Mormon” three weeks in a row, and then move on to the next most popular topic. Obviously, this gives you the power to vote for a topic by searching over and over for it in order to get it into the top three. This behavior is positively encouraged.

Coming up this week: Naomi Klein; Mormon; my partner.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee a good-faith effort to interpret topics in accordance with searchers’ intent.