Qualifications and Sarah Palin's Crazy Politics

I've been watching people I don't think are idiots flip out over the fact that Sarah Palin has the politics of a typical Republican governor. I completely understand not liking Republicans, but you've got to admit that it's weird to accuse a Republican politician for having the views of a Republican politician. So I'm calling sexism!
Also, qualifications for office. I don't understand what people mean by this. Or maybe I think that what people mean by this is nonsense. I think it is blazingly obvious that John McCain, as a matter of temperament and values, is completely unfit to be president. Giuliani's convention speech about how the election is like a job interview only affirmed for me Barack Obama's superior qualifications. He is a man of remarkable competence, with an eye for both the big picture and the institutional details, who has a sober temper and an evident ability to inspire and effectively lead those reporting to him. He's just the kind of guy I'd want as an executive, were I filling an executive position. Joe Biden is qualified to be president in much the same way McCain is; he is a lifelong asshole and American senator. Sarah Palin? I seriously don't know. Maybe she's a crazed Biblethumper who will send all our books to Iran and then nuke them. Maybe she's George Washington with luxuriant tresses. But how would you know when everyone is falling over themselves to characterize her to their stupid team's advantage? Politics makes people dull and dishonest. The politicians, too.