Inerrant Conduit of the General Will

Well, the polls say Obama won pretty decisively. It looks like this is because women don't cotton to McCain, which is reasonable enough. Walnuts! Anyway, once again it is demonstrated that cosmopolitan libertarian metrosexual econophilosopher bloggers may not be the most reliable barometers of the popular mood.
Winston was sleeping during the debate, but we left CNN on to soothe his nerves during his first night sleeping outside the bedroom. So he says he saw the debate highlights “like a million times.” Winston suggests that though McCain seemed to control the debate, his offensive style was actually indicative of a lower rank in the dominance hierarchy, while Obama's generous reserve made him look like the bigger dog. I still think McCain had the better of it, but Winston makes some good points.
Here is a picture of Winston contemplating the emptiness of consumerism: