3 thoughts on “If You Love America, You Throw Money in Its Hole”

  1. I can’t give any suggestion for Burma, but for Thailand, here it is:
    – Have a boat ride in Bangkok Noi Canal.
    – Try Thai Massage, don’t miss! I warn you.
    – Visit the floating market.
    – Taste Tom Yum Kung
    – See muay thai (thai boxing)
    – If you don’t have at least a few days on a paradise beache, it could be said that you havn’t visit Thailand.

  2. Lot of good things to check out for the first time tourists.
    Beware the main scams: Grand palace closed, hotel burned down, and today is a one day Gov’t sale. Don’t waste your money with the tuk tuk driver scams. Go by taxi and ask to take the meter (Thai: ME-TER) as it will be much cheaper.
    My favorite highlights: Get to the river at Saphan Taksin station from the skytrain. Take a public river boat upriver (right side direction as you face the pier) to Banglampoo pier across from Wat Arun (Temple of the dawn, Khmer style white temple). Then take a ferry across the river and walk up the stairs of Wat Arun. It’s a great view especially late in the afternoon with the low angle sunlight!
    Another interesting hightlight is the Erawan shrine Brahma- a statue in the middle of the city with hundreds and thousands of worshippers. It’s by the Chid Lom skytrain station.
    Check out the ridiculous over the top malls (Emporium by Phrom Phong skytrain station and Siam Paragon by Siam skytrain station) The skytrain is an easy and quick way to get around. Traffic is terrible in bangkok so you save time taking the train.
    If you have time go to Khao San road and look at the ghetto backpackers mixed in with the young Thai partiers. It’s like a scene out of the Beach.
    Go to a massage parlor . Traditional thai massage or a racy one. A soapy massage is a racy experience if you’re up for that sort of thing.
    Have a good time. Thais love to smile and party- they are an easygoing and lovely lot.

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