Thick Libertarianism and the Federation of Liberty

Excellent post from Micha Ghertner:

Thick libertarianism is that much more important when you adopt a “Federation of Liberty” over a “Union of Liberty” approach, to use Kukathas' language, or when you adopt a pluralist over a rationalist approach, to use Levy's. The only way to convince other cultures that liberty is worth preserving is by engaging them in that argument, and rooting out those aspects of their culture that are inimical to freedom. Removing benevolent imperialism from the libertarian tool-kit makes the tool of peaceful but critical persuasion all the more necessary.

Micha also makes this great point… One can admit that a social practice is unjustly liberty-limiting and be opposed to coercive intervention in exactly the same way that one can admit that a state violates the rights of its people and be opposed to coercive intervention.