Naomi Klein "Prebuttal" Lecture at U of Iowa Tuesday Night

Here’s the info:

“Naomi Klein: A Prebuttal” 

Speaker: Will Wilkinson

Tuesday, February 17th

7 pm, 1505 Seamans Center

Co-sponsored by Advocates of Liberty and U of I Department of Economics

Naomi Klein will be on campus giving a UI Lecture Committee speech in February where she will be talking about her book “Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”.  This book attempts to tie Bush’s corporatist big-business economic policies, the Iraq War, and most other bad things to the free market ideas of Milton Friedman. Will Wilkinson will defend “neo-liberal” free markets, defend Friedman against Klein’s scurrilous attacks, and reveal the many errors, factual and logical, in Klein’s bestseller.

In a lecture one night before Naomi Klein’s appearance on campus, Wilkinson will give a talk co-sponsored by the Advocates of Liberty and the UI Department of Economics.  Let the fun begin.

The Iowa Advocates of Liberty page is here.