Internet Stuff I Did

At The Economist:

Newt and the “food-stamp president”

Myrtle Beach debate live-blog (I am Mr. Blue, W.W. )

The relevance of Romney’s corporate experience

At Big Think:

Does Internet Piracy Really Hurt the Economy?

Justin Wolfers on Money and Happpiness

Is Marxism “Realistic”

What Is an Illusion?

Because this was mislaid in the great blog re-import mishap of 2010, and because his more odious half is lately in the news, here’s Caingrich:

8 thoughts on “Internet Stuff I Did”

  1. Hey, I disagree with you about lots of stuff you disagree w/Leiter about, but just wanted to stop by to say: damn, Leiter is an asshole.

      1. You think this is bad, you should see what he says about Ronald Dworkin (see especially Leiter, The End Of Empire: Dworkin And Jurisprudence In The 21st Century, 36 Rutgers L.J. 165 (2004)).

  2. I don’t believe you. You’re NOT dreadful Blue! He’s much worse than the unnerving Mr Black who is not quite as BORING as Omnipotent Orange!

  3. I’ve got a question for ya, are you still distant-but-sympathetic to Occupy Wall Street? Or did the grossly apparent anti-market sentiment and their tendency to look like a walking embodiment of every negative left wing stereotype turn you off?

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