Internet Stuff I Did

At The Economist:

Newt and the “food-stamp president”

Myrtle Beach debate live-blog (I am Mr. Blue, W.W. )

The relevance of Romney’s corporate experience

At Big Think:

Does Internet Piracy Really Hurt the Economy?

Justin Wolfers on Money and Happpiness

Is Marxism “Realistic”

What Is an Illusion?

Because this was mislaid in the great blog re-import mishap of 2010, and because his more odious half is lately in the news, here’s Caingrich:

Around the Webz

My holiday blogging hiatus is over!

At Democracy in America: Evidence from Iowa that limited government isn’t really a priority for tea-party Republicans.

At Big Think: A free-associative mini-essay against resolutions and the tyranny of the annual.

And, from last week, my Bleeding Hearts Libertarians guest post on “Why I’m Not a Bleeding-Heart Libertarian.” Two of my Economist colleagues comment on aspects of this post, here and here.

Soros vs. Koch

I spent today reading The Soros Lectures by George Soros and The Science of Success by Charles G. Koch. I now know everything necessary to become insanely wealthy. Or at least to write a Big Think blog post comparing and contrasting the surprisingly similar philosophies of America’s most maligned philanthropists. The point of this post is to pressure myself to actually write about this so that in the off chance market-based management and the principle of reflexivity don’t soon make me one of the world’s wealthiest men, my day wasn’t a waste.

New at Big Think and Newish Elsewhere

Occupy Wall Street and the deradicalized Rawls

And here’s other recent stuff I promoted in one of my disappeared posts…

quickie review of Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature for The Daily.

Further thoughts on Pinker’s book at Big Think.

My reply to T.M. Scanlon’s critique of libertarianism at The Boston Review. (Here’s Brad DeLong’s reply, and Scanlon’s response to the both of us.)